Brittany O'Brien | Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage

My specialties lie in treatment based massage therapy and sports massage and I can also offer you pregnancy and relaxation massage.


I’m trained in a wide range of techniques, including neuromuscular techniques (trigger point work), lymphatic drainage, stretching, cupping, myofascial release, and of course sports massage and relaxation massage.


I love all aspects of massage, and I really get a kick out of working with sports people on an ongoing basis. By tailoring your sports massage treatment plan to suit the type of sport and the stage of training, I can help you prevent and treat injuries so you can get on with enjoying and excelling in your sport.  I use my broad toolbox of skills to address all aspects of the body including the fascia and bio mechanical/postural dysfunctions.
I understand my clients' needs because I too enjoy sports. I consider myself a weekend running warrior and can definitely empathise with a lot of the common injuries I see at clinic.

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